Jorgensen: My Wrestling Is Bantamweight Division’s Best By Far

By Staff Dec 16, 2010
Scott Jorgensen, on “Beatdown,” explaining why Dominick Cruz’s wrestling ability does not compare to his own:

“It’s like watching Pacquiao and watching amateur boxing. Dominick never did what I did in wrestling. There’s a reason for that. I paid my dues in wrestling. I still train with the number two-ranked team in the nation, Boise State, and my wrestling coach and wrestling partner is the number two-ranked wrestler in the nation. And it ain’t like I’m getting beat. I give him every ounce that he can handle. It’s a back-and-forth battle between the two of us. My wrestling’s by far the best at 135 pounds, and for anybody to say that Dominick’s wrestling is better than [mine] is ignorant. I’ve won three PAC-10 titles, competed with the best in the world, and another one of my training partners, Joe Warren, is a Greco-Roman world champ that I wrestle with on a consistent basis. Dominick has fought guys that have a wrestling background in Brian Bowles and Joseph Benavidez, but their wrestling is still not as good as mine. You’re looking at state champions versus champions in college and on the international scene.”
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