Joseph Benavidez: Movement, Not Lack of Power, Explains Few Flyweight Knockouts

By Staff Jul 12, 2012

Joseph Benavidez, on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing the view that lighter fighters don’t hit hard enough to knock each other out:

“I think it’s crap. What I have to say to those people, honestly, is the only reason you’re not seeing 125-pounders, 135-pounders get knocked out is because we have the reflexes and reaction to react to that punch that’s coming at us. We see a punch coming at us, and our head’s moving. The punches are not catching us as clean. At heavyweight, the guys aren’t moving their head and moving their feet. They just get caught with that heavy punch 100-percent flush. At our weight, the only reason we’re not getting knocked out -- you hit anyone on the chin that’s your size, they’re going to go down, but we’re moving out of the way of these punches. We’re not just standing there and getting punched.”


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