Joseph Benavidez Picks Demetrious Johnson Over John Dodson

By Staff Jan 26, 2013
Joseph Benavidez, on “Cheap Seats,” discussing the UFC on Fox 6 flyweight title bout between Demetrious Johnson and John Dodson:

“I think it’s an excellent matchup. Dodson likes to keep it on the feet. He says he’s impossible to take down, but Demetrious finds a way to take down everyone that he goes in there with. If I had to look at it and see how it’s going to play out, I think Dodson’s just going to be too patient for his own good. I like how he fights methodically and really explodes, but sometimes I feel he’s too patient. [Against Johnson], you need that perfect mix of patience and aggression, not too much aggression, not too much patience. If you just sit there and wait for him, you’re never going to catch him. He’s like a little mouse. I think that’s the way it’s going to play out more than anything, is [Johnson] just being a little more active than Dodson, but at these weights and this caliber of athletes in the sport, all these fights are going to be super close. I think it’s going to be a close fight, but I see Demetrious being a little more active.”

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