Josh Burkman: Criticism of Steve Mazzagatti ‘Harsh,’ But He Was Out of Position

By Staff Jun 19, 2013

Josh Burkman, on “Beatdown,” discussing Dana White’s criticism of referee Steve Mazzagatti for not stopping Burkman’s fight against Jon Fitch:

“I think Dana White’s justified. I didn’t really realize it until I just watched the video again, and Mazzagatti’s very out of place. He’s standing straight up, and that choke was pretty deep. I think Mazzagatti’s getting a little bit of harsh criticism because he was out of place, but at the same time I understand why he’s getting it because what if there was a feud there with me and Fitch? What if I really did want to hurt him or vice versa? A referee should definitely be in better places for those things, but the criticism from what I’m hearing is a little harsh. I remember Fitch was fighting, fighting and he went out pretty quick and I let go of the choke. I believe it’s a little bit harsh, but again, Mazzagatti should have been in better position considering a fighter was in that choke.”

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