Josh Thomson Knows Lightweight Division Is No Place for Old Men

By Staff Jan 21, 2014
Josh Thomson, on “Beatdown,” discussing whether he’s near the end of his career and whether he’d consider using TRT:

“Let’s be honest. Lightweight guys, we’re a dime a dozen. That’s the first thing. The second thing is, as we get older, these younger guys are just more athletic and the smaller they are, the faster they are. The first thing for older people is the speed goes. When the speed goes, that’s kind of when we start getting lit up by these younger guys. … That’s when you start getting clipped, you start getting caught. Little things just start going wrong. The fact that I’m even still in this sport at this age and doing as well as I am, it’s pretty impressive. The fact that I’ve done it without any help, it makes me feel better about it all. I can’t say that it’s my last run, but I can say that hey, I’ve been pretty successful without having to use [TRT], so why would I want to finish my career on it?”


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