King Mo: All Contracts Favor Promotions, Not Fighters

By Staff Jan 15, 2013
Muhammed Lawal, on “Beatdown,” discussing fighter contracts:

“Name me one organization that has a favorable contract toward the fighters and you just told me an organization that failed. Let’s be real. These people are out there talking like, ‘These contracts blah, blah, blah.’ All the contracts are the same. They’re geared to be in favor of the company, not the fighters, because if that was the case, then all these companies that had favorable contracts for the fighters would be out of business. People are just dumb. They don’t use logic or have any type of business sense. You’ve got to see it as a business. I feel for Eddie Alvarez. I know he’s going through a battle, but Bellator has an argument and Eddie Alvarez has an argument. They’ll go to court and they’ll figure it out.”


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