Kongo/Mir Rumored for UFC 107

By Jake Rossen Jul 27, 2009
Per MMAJunkie, Frank Mir may get the sharpest striking test of his career to date if he meets Cheick Kongo at UFC 107 on December 12 in Memphis.

Both Mir and Kongo are coming off high-profile losses, Mir to a bullying Brock Lesnar and Kongo to Cain Velasquez. It will be interesting to see how Kongo reacts to Mir’s level of grappling, which has rarely been a factor in Kongo’s bouts -- and how Mir’s cardio conditioning will respond to a resisting frame, since he may be required to go in for a takedown.

The winner will still be a fair distance away from a title shot, which is expected to go either to the winner of the Randy Couture/Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira bout on August 28, or the survivor of Shane Carwin/Velasquez on October 24.
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