Koscheck Channels Tony Montana for UFC 143

By Carlos Arias Feb 3, 2012

UFC welterweight contender Josh Koscheck does not mind being labeled the villain or the heel. Boos are like music to his ears.

UFC President Dana White even admits Koscheck is “the most hated guy in the UFC.” It figures that Koscheck would pull for Tony Montana when he watches “Scarface.”

“I would have loved to see Tony Montana win it in ‘Scarface’ -- absolutely,” Koscheck said. “That’s the underdog, the guy everybody’s counting out. I [go for] guys such as myself that everybody’s hating on, that everybody’s booing. I love to come out to the Octagon when people boo the [expletive] out of me. It motivates me more to [expletive] all over them and say, ‘Ha Ha, I [expletive] on you. I just knocked this guy out. So keep booing me, and I’ll keep [expletive] on you.”

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