Lauzon: Same Melvin As Before

By Staff Oct 11, 2011
Joe Lauzon, on “Rewind,” discussing his win over Melvin Guillard:

“As far as people talking about Melvin being improved and this being Melvin 2.0 and things like that, I don’t think last night we really saw that. I think it was the same Melvin as before. He was known before for being really cocky, not training a ton, all this other stuff, and he was fortunate in his last few fights, where he’s gotten guys to pretty much stand with him. He didn’t have anyone who was trying really hard to take him down that had much success. I was definitely going to get him down and I was going to have success when I got there. As [fight week] went on, I started seeing him revert back more and more and more. … I just looked at him as a kid that had success in the past that just didn’t train that hard for this fight, that was just completely overlooking me.”
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