Lesnar, GSP Lead UFC 100 Bounty

By Jake Rossen Jul 14, 2009
The Nevada Commission’s peek into the UFC’s bank ledgers are out for Saturday’s UFC 100 event, and both Brock Lesnar and Georges St. Pierre made out nicely -- even if Lesnar was slightly irritated he didn’t get a Bud Light bonus.

Each man earned $400,000 for their victories over Frank Mir and Thiago Alves, respectively, though it’s Lesnar who stands to earn considerably more: His percentage of pay-per-view profits has been speculated to be worth somewhere in the range of $3 million. It’s likely St. Pierre enjoys the same profit-sharing perk, though specific percentages for each are not disclosed by the company.

Lost amid the noise of the weekend is that fact that Lesnar might now be the most well-compensated man in mixed martial arts. Rumors abound of seven-figure deals for Japanese stars like Naoya Ogawa, Rickson Gracie or Hidehiko Yoshida, and Andrei Arlovski’s generous Affliction deal carried a lot of zeroes, but few stateside have ever pulled anything close to Lesnar’s alleged payday. If he is not the biggest star in the sport at the moment, he is unquestionably the most financially stable.

Royce Gracie was paid $50,000 for his three wins at UFC 1 in 1993, or about $16,500 a fight; Lesnar’s compensation for Saturday was in the range of $6,000 a second.
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