Maia Talks Silva

By Jake Rossen Apr 6, 2010

File Photo: Marcelo Alonso/

Whether Demian Maia knows it or not, much of the lasting impressions for UFC 112 will come down to how he decides to attack Anderson Silva on Saturday. If he’s reluctant to push the action, as Thales Leites was last spring, it is not likely Silva will rush into him. At that point, the match becomes more staring contest than fight.

Fortunately, Maia knows where his chances are. “I put a little bit more attention in wrestling because that’s what I need to do in this fight,” he told MMAWeekly. “I need to take Anderson down.”

That’s far from a guarantee of a win, but Silva’s deficit certainly exists more on the floor than on the feet. Maia’s problem will be in trying to resolve the incredibly substantial jiu-jitsu education Silva has received from Antonio Nogueira and other top-shelf Brazilian grapplers. He’s been tackled to the floor, but usually not against guys who have a chance of tying him up there; guys who can tie him up usually can’t get him to the floor. If Maia can bridge that, it’s at least paying the cover charge for having a chance.
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