Mark Hunt Sets New Standard in Blogging

By Jake Rossen Jul 15, 2010

Mark Hunt file photo: Masa Fukui/

Most people consider blogging to be a disposable, rapidly-consumed bit of time-kill that can provide welcome distraction from important responsibilities like staring into space or petting cats with our feet. Because of the sheer…blog-ness…of the Internet, however, the world is far too overstocked to charge a premium for them.

Had the makers of bottled water been this easily discouraged by tap, we would never know the pleasures of paying for something our homes literally spew out for free. Now we can say Mark Hunt is just as ambitious, though if we truly understand Hunt’s tireless work ethic, who among us could not see it coming? His site now offers a premium package for visitors where, for a $79 start-up fee, you can gain access to the K-1 champion’s innermost thoughts and reflections, his private video diaries -- laptop balanced precariously on his quivering belly -- and a photo gallery.

Hunt knows what you’re thinking: “I would not only pay $97 for that kind of access, but I would happily continue spending $20 a month on a recurring subscription fee, particularly if he provides image stabilization for when he coughs or burps.”

Since you look like nice folks, Mark -- and you can call him Mark -- is going to promise to keep the blog humming. Even if he only films his food preparations, you’re looking at upwards of 13 entries a day. But don’t listen to me. Take it from him:

“Fight gear I have personally used in various fights, old memorabilia, you name it, it will be available to you. Exclusively…There’s something else that I will personally be delivering to one of my members doorsteps. I can’t tell you what it is yet, but it is very very cool.”

Imagine: you’re home relaxing after work when day when suddenly a Samoan shows up with a large cardboard box! If the neighborhood wasn’t envious before, they sure will be. (And please take note of the “exclusively” qualifier in Hunt’s merchandise offer, which virtually guarantees his shorts have not been worn by other fans prior to coming into your possession.)

You want some time to think about it? I get it. Sure, I do. But Mark has some bad news: he’s limiting the number of people who can join. He wants to make sure his fans get his undivided attention. So if you come back tomorrow, the deal may not be here. Have a seat and think about it. Let me get you some water.
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