Masvidal: If Lombard Doesn’t Like You, Look Out

By Staff Jul 5, 2011
Jorge Masvidal, on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing teammate Hector Lombard (Pictured):

“Hector’s a specimen. He’s just a special type of athlete. … A lot of people don’t like Hector because of the way he is. He’ll tell you. If he doesn’t like you or if he doesn’t like something about you, he’s going to tell you. So he comes off wrong to a lot of people, but that’s just him. He just tells you like, ‘I don’t like you, man, and I’m going to mess you up in practice today.’ He does that. A lot of people don’t like that, but he’s a specimen. Anybody will tell you, even if they don’t like him, the guy is gifted. He has speed and power for his size and he’s got a crazy gas tank as well to go along with it. It’s awesome to have a [teammate] like that.”
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