McFedries Booted from Miletich Camp

By Jake Rossen Jun 11, 2009
After chastising his gym for not adequately supporting him for a fight with Xavier Foupa-Pokam May 23, Drew McFedries has informed MMAWeekly that camp leader Pat Miletich has shown him the door.

In his post-fight speech, McFedries said “he didn’t get a lot of support from my own team”; Miletich then told him it was “time to move on.”

“I think there are other guys in the gym that feel the same way,” McFedries said. “But they’re not going to speak up, because they’re afraid, they’re afraid of the same result happening to them, that happened to me.”

McFedries admits there could have been better communication during his pre-fight preparation regarding who would be cornering him. Perhaps Miletich will consider this more probation than dismissal and invite him back in the future. McFedries is one of MMA’s most long-suffering athletes, having dealt with MRSA, Crohn’s Disease, and the murder of his mother.
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