McGee-Belcher a Natural Next Bout

By Jason Probst Sep 19, 2011
Alan Belcher would make an excellent next opponent for Court McGee. | File Photo:

After their impressive wins at UFC Fight Night 25 on Saturday in New Orleans, the time is now to make an Alan Belcher-Court McGee matchup. With the middleweight division as it stands, Belcher, 27, and McGee, 26, are in the enviable position of being relatively young enough to reasonably expect big-time improvement in the next couple years. Yet, both are able to compete in a manner that is effective and exciting now.

Showdowns between up-and-coming bad asses are their own animal, and they are often intriguing. McGee’s intensity and conditioning matched against Belcher’s dynamic standup and excellent jiu-jitsu makes for a bout with the kind of two-way aggression that can only be described as win-win.

Such fights are always fun to look back on a few years down the road, as kind of a remember-when chapter, when both men have progressed. Plus, given the style matchup, I am not sure a loss for either guy would be nearly as damaging as pitting either of them against a ranked contender. Sometimes, it is just fun to line up two young bucks and let them collide. McGee-Belcher is that kind of match.

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