Mendes Breaks Down Timing Shots Against Omigawa

By Staff Feb 9, 2011
Chad Mendes, on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing his thoughts when Michihiro Omigawa stopped some of his takedowns:

“Nothing negative. Obviously in the practice room that happens a lot, especially going with a bunch of wrestlers. Honestly, the mindset was just to keep doing it, keep chipping away at it and eventually I’ll get it. His timing was just a little weird for me. Usually when you come at a guy and you strike, he’ll usually come back with something and that’s the time you have to blast in there and double. A couple of times I was trying to time him to come in, and he never even took a step forward. I was ending up shooting from super far away. Obviously that’s pretty easy to defend when the guy’s shooting from far away. Timing was off a little on the shots, but he had great hips. He’s a judo black belt and he definitely knows his stuff. … He definitely was prepared for it. I’ve got to give it to him: He did a great job with defending some of my shots.”
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