Mike Pyle: While It Lasted, IFL Provided Steady Pay & Job Security

By Sherdog.com Staff Jul 12, 2013

Mike Pyle, on “Beatdown,” discussing the IFL’s salary pay structure and working as an employee instead of as a contractor:

“I’m an athlete. I’m not really that business savvy when it comes to those things, but my opinion is anything that’s favoring the athlete, I’m on it. I’m all about it. That security of having money come in is awesome. When I experienced that for that short period when I was with the IFL, it was good to know that that was coming in. It was good to know that that money was coming in every month and all the fights are lined up and set up, and you knew that if you lost two in a row or whatever, you ain’t going to go anywhere. That was kind of solid. There was pros and cons. … This sport’s tough. These athletes are super tough, and any given day, you can lose because everybody’s good, everybody’s getting so much better. It’s just that much harder for you to have job security.”

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