Mike Richman Not Trying to Be Arrogant, Just Confident

By Sherdog.com Staff Apr 2, 2013

Mike Richman, on “Beatdown,” discussing his confidence:

“Some people think I’m very brash, that I come off a little too arrogant. I really try not to be that way. I try to be as confident as I can. I saw a comment with someone comparing me to a Brian Stann. He was a Marine. He was an officer and he’s so humble. If you’re in the Marine Corps -- anyone who was in the Marine Corps knows that officers and enlisted guys, they act completely different. To the fans out there that think I’m arrogant and brash: I’m a regular old dude like anybody else. I’m just confident in my skills. I’m very happy to be where I’m at. If those people who don’t like how I act, if they went out to dinner with me, had a beer with me, they’d probably like me. I try to work on how fired up I get. That’s something I definitely need to work on after I win, but I just get so excited before a fight and after a fight, I just let my emotions come out the way they do.”

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