Miller Considering Move to 145

By Staff Aug 22, 2011
Cole Miller (Pictured), on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing a potential move to 145 pounds:

“That’s a major career move, moving down to that weight. I haven’t made that weight in quite some time, but I had never really fought at 155 except for one time before ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ All my fights before that were at 145, but I was smaller and I hadn’t really grown into my body and my frame yet. Now I’m a little bit bigger, but I’m still not big. I’m definitely one of the smaller lightweights weight-wise. My walkaround weight is pretty much the same as what I am on fight day, which is about 167 pounds. I know that 145 is achievable. … I always imagined being a champion at 145 pounds or 65 kilos. My original dream was to be the Shooto champion at 65 kilograms. … I feel like in the next couple of years I’ll be coming into my prime. I think that the timing’s right and it’s time for me to move down. I think that I can be a serious threat and a contender.”
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