Miller Remembers Sonnen Slam That Broke Ring

By Staff May 18, 2011
Jason “Mayhem” Miller, on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing the time Chael Sonnen slammed him and the ring broke: “He must have dumped me about 10 times, maybe 20 times. He kept taking me down. We broke through the ring. ... He double-legged me, slammed me, and we went through the floor. I was like, ‘What the hell?’ This was a shoddy show on an Indian Reservation. They tried to fix it for a couple of minutes and then they were like, ‘Uh, just don’t fight over there.’ I’m like, ‘All right.’ So me and Chael touch gloves. One time he circled me over there and, like the gentleman he is, he stopped and we reset as if we were in a sparring match.”
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