Nam Phan Believes He Could Have Tapped Steven Seagal as a White Belt

By Staff Sep 13, 2012
Nam Phan, on “Beatdown,” discussing whether he thinks Steven Seagal can really fight: “No. And there’s all these people out there that hate my guts and think I’m crazy. Like, ‘My God, Nam Phan? Dude, Steven Seagal is the s---. What has Nam Phan done in his life?’ I’m like, ‘Dude, are you crazy? Steven Seagal can’t fight. Are you crazy? He’s a freaking actor.’ ... I don’t even care if you like me or not. Steven Seagal’s a douche. Whatever. I’ll say it right now. I’ll say it right now: Steven Seagal in his prime and me right now -- you know what, not even in my prime. Steven Seagal in his prime and me starting out as a jiu-jitsu white belt, I would probably tap him still.”


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