Nogueira Brothers Training with Feijao, Jacare

By Marcelo Alonso Aug 16, 2010

After launching their new Web site,, the Nogueira brothers sent us an exclusive video in which they are training at the X Gym. In the video, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira discuss their challenges at UFC 119. (However, Rodrigo, according to a report from Fighter’s Only magazine on Sunday, has been forced to withdraw from UFC 119 with an injury.)

The brothers also discussed two upcoming Strikeforce title bouts in which Brazilians will be involved on Aug. 21 in Houston. Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante faces light heavyweight champion Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal, and Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza duels with Tim Kennedy for the vacant middleweight belt.

The Nogueiras -- before Rodrigo’s injury forced him from his rematch with Frank Mir -- claimed they were highly motivated for their bouts.

“The card for the event is pretty cool,” Rogerio said. “We have a great responsibility to present ourselves well. It’s the first time we will fight together in the UFC. We are greatly motivated, well-trained and already focused. Two months out from the event, we have had good results and feel more confident.”

When asked about preparing his training partners, Feijao and Jacare, for their Strikeforce title bouts, Rodrigo promised that both men were dedicated to bringing the gold back to Brazil.

“We’re training a lot with Jacare and Feijao,” he said. “The training is very strong and good. We’re giving everything for the sake of a goal. Jacare and Feijao will be fighting for titles, and the guys are visualizing their victories. God willing, both will leave the event as world champions. We’re seeking the realization of that dream, and, with persistence, we’ll achieve it.”

Excited about the possibility of winning the light heavyweight belt in Strikeforce, Feijao appreciates the support of his friends and remains confident as his battle with Lawal nears.

“I would like to thank Rogerio and Rodrigo, who were the first to support us in reaching our goal of winning the belt,” he said. “We had a great journey with this family, and all the fighters were together. To fight for the belt is a blessing. Victory and defeat are only consequences.”

Confident in victory and focused on training, Jacare talked about the importance of training with his team and vowed to give everything he had to win the title.

“We’ve had excellent practices with Minotauro and Minotoro, and I’m sure that, going forward, we will train more,” he said. “I’ll try to learn more and develop myself in these drills. It’s very rewarding to train with the team at X Gym and Team Minotauro. I’m feeling quite strong because of the preparation of Rogerio Camoes. I’m very confident and learn every day. Feijao has helped me so much standing. We have muay Thai people, MMA people and Minotauro, who always hits the people on the ground (laughs).”

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