Ortiz: ‘Cyborg’ Santos Slammed Me

By Jake Rossen Sep 11, 2009
If there is one woman who insists on ignoring gender roles in society, it’s Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos: after throttling Gina Carano like a hungry wolverine beheading a hummingbird, Santos’ training doesn’t appear to be slacking.

Posted on Tito Ortiz’s vlog and first noticed by Michael David Smith of Fanhouse, Ortiz can be seen discussing a sparring session with Santos that apparently involved her slamming her way out of a triangle attempt.

“For a girl, I expected her not to be so damn tough,” Ortiz said. (Do not let Gloria Steinem hear that.) “We were just wrestling on and I went for a guillotine and she slipped out of it. When she slipped out of it I went straight on to a triangle. When I locked in the triangle she picked me up and slammed me on the ground and I had no pain, nothing. I ended up choking her."

With Ortiz bragging of clear dominance over a 150 lb. female athlete, one thing is certain: his back has now healed up enough to wrestle inter-gender matches a la Andy Kaufman. He fights Mark Coleman November 21.
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