PVT Mag 16: 'Shogun's' Toughest Test Yet

By Marcelo Alonso Mar 15, 2011
After dedicating the cover of last edition of PVT Mag to a historical fight in Brazilian MMA between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort, PVT Mag 16 brings another historical confrontation: Jon Jones challenging Mauricio "Shogun" Rua for the UFC light heavyweight title at UFC 128.

Besides tracing the histories of both fighters up to their title confrontation in Newark, N.J., we also asked other fighters, trainers and journalists to analyze every aspect of the battle that will take place this Saturday night.

The March edition also brings the complete history of Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, the man who defeated Fedor Emelienanko last month in Strikeforce, detailing his rise to prominence in the heavyweight division.

Also, in "Alonso's Relics," PVT Mag remembers the first edition of Meca World Vale Tudo, the event that showed the world Murilo Rua, Daniel Acacio and Nilson de Castro, as well as the first loss in the career of Anderson Silva, who fell to Luiz Azeredo.

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