PVT Mag 32: A Historic Payback

By Marcelo Alonso Jul 18, 2012
The 32nd edition of PVT Mag brings all the details of one of the biggest paybacks of the decade between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen on July 7. This coverage goes beyond the main event, recalling all of UFC 148, an event marked by a massive Brazilian invasion of Las Vegas and the historic win of this great champion over his biggest rival.

UFC 147 also factors in, showing the increasing popularity of MMA in Brazil. Pushed by the amazing success of TUF Brazil, the UFC in Minas Gerais attracted 16,000 fans to Belo Horizonte, a national record for a modern MMA event in Brazil.

In this edition of “Alonso´s Relics,” you will find out all details of the first edition of Jungle Fight. Promoted by Wallid Ismail and Antonio Inoki in the middle of the Amazon Jungle in 2003, the event launched the careers of Lyoto Machida, Fabrício Werdum, Stephen Bonnar, Ronaldo Souza and Gabriel Gonzaga to the MMA world.

Check out the 32nd edition of PVT Mag here.


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