PVT Mag 34: A Clash of Phenoms

By Marcelo Alonso Sep 11, 2012

A week of crazy twists and turns culminated in a duel between phenoms, past and present, and it is all covered in PVT Mag 34.

After Dan Henderson’s knee injury and Lyoto Machida and Mauricio Rua declining to face Jon Jones, Vitor Belfort accepted the challenge for UFC 152. “The Phenom” attempt to justify his nickname, rising to the light heavyweight division, where he hasn’t fought for five years , to try to take the belt of a man who is now seen as a phenom in his own right.

PVT Mag 34 calls upon several Brazilian and international specialists to opine on this clash of generations. They analyze Belfort chances and comment on the exciting inspiration of the Brazilian, who remembered Carlson Gracie when he accepted the fight. Jon Jones' tarnished image, the new Belfort “home,” and much more are evaluated in these pages.

PVT Mag 34 also brings a report on the fighter’s biggest enemy: the scale.

If it’s not unanimous, it’s close: fighters hate the scale. It is a symbol that calls to mind hours in the sauna, dieting, weeks of torture. In this investigation, we discuss the practice of weight cutting in MMA, how it is that a fighter can lose 30 pounds in a few days and gain it back in 24 hours and so on. PVT Mag calls upon fighters and experts to clarify MMA fans’ questions and concerns about the intriguing process.

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