PVT Mag 39: An Exclusive with Lyoto Machida

By Marcelo Alonso Feb 21, 2013

At UFC 157, Lyoto Machida will have a crucial challenge to continue his path toward another title shot against Jon Jones. The obstacle, however, is very difficult to overcome: MMA legend Dan Henderson, now 41 years old, yet with recent victories over the legendary Fedor Emelianenko and Mauricio Shogun in one of the best fights in years.

PVT Mag 39 brings an exclusive interview with “The Dragon,” in which the former UFC champ reflects on getting to fight a legend like “Hendo” and ponders the significance of a possible rematch with champion Jon Jones. The former keeper of the light heavyweight belt talks about his new life in the U.S., how his training has changed and if it would face friend Glover Teixeira in the Octagon.

In addition to this in-depth look at Machida, PVT Mag 39 also features:

UFC 156: Brazilians Break the Bank

At UFC 156, the betting lines favored Jon Fitch, Rashad Evans and Alistair Overeem over Demian Maia, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Bigfoot Silva, respectively. But the Brazilians broke the bank that night in Las Vegas, racking up major wins that put a major wrench in the plans of Dana White and the UFC.

Muay Thai vs. Capoeira in '93: Chute Boxe Makes Vale Tudo Debut

In August 1993, the Brazilian city of Curitiba hosted a vale tudo event that forever changed its sports history. After local muay Thai and capoeira students fought on the beach, the two styles clashed inside the Parana Military Circle Gymnasium.

This event marked the vale tudo debut of legendary gym Chute Boxe. Led by Rafael Cordeiro, Jose Landi-Jons, Nilson de Castro and Piemonte, this event put the gym and the city of Curitiba on the MMA map.

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