Pat Miletich Thinks Georges St. Pierre Could Take Down, Control Anderson Silva

By Staff Nov 20, 2012
Pat Miletich, on “Rewind,” discussing a potential matchup between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva:

“I think Georges can take him down. I think he can control him, but the one thing, the difference there is, Anderson Silva is the master of deception with his hands and with his strikes. Georges would not have the control of that area against Anderson. Anderson would control that area and would keep Georges off balance. That’s the variable there, and I think Georges has a little more trouble being able to take Anderson down because of that. He’s not going to be able to set up the pretty takedowns, get in clean as much. That makes for a very interesting matchup, but I think Georges is physically probably stronger even though he’s a lighter guy. He’s obviously got better takedowns, and I think he could put Anderson on his back and honestly, I don’t think Anderson could submit him. I think Georges is strong enough to deal with that stuff. It makes for a hell of a match.”

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