Pat Miletich: What Robbie Lawler Did Against Johny Hendricks Won’t Be Repeated By Others

By Staff Mar 21, 2014
Pat Miletich, on “Rewind,” discussing whether other fighters can follow Robbie Lawler’s game plan against Johny Hendricks:

“By and large, for the most part, nobody has that sheer power and mechanical punching ability that Rob does that they could necessarily hurt Johny Hendricks. Johny’s obviously more than happy to stand in the pocket and bang with anyone because if he can do it with Lawler, he can do it with anyone in the sport. So it’s tough for me to give a game plan that somebody’s going to be able to pull off because most guys are going to get crushed doing that against Hendricks, as everybody would against Lawler, trying to fight that way.”


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