Penn Explains Desire to Fight More Frequently

By Staff Nov 24, 2010
B.J. Penn, on “It’s Time” with Bruce Buffer, discussing why he wants to stay so active:

“I just want to fight. Like I said, I want to be as active as possible. I’m 31 and I want to probably fight until I’m 35. To do that, I don’t want to fight once a year until I’m 35. I want to try to get as many fights in as I can. … Honestly, I don’t feel it’s that hard. I don’t really want to get into it, but it’s the way that I’m training for the fights. I really feel like I understand my body. I’m not trying to tear down my body. I feel like I’m getting the most bang for my buck. Every time I choose a workout, I know exactly what I’m trying to achieve in each workout. If you look at the old boxers -- I know it’s not what we do, but they fought what, 200 to 400 fights in their careers? I know they really needed the money and I’m sure it was hard times and they needed food on their table, but a fighter’s a fighter. … Another motivating factor is if I’m not fighting, if I’m not training, what am I going to be doing? I’m sure I could be hanging out with my daughter and stuff like that, but she’s at the tutor during the daytime and this and that. I’ve got to keep my mind busy.”
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