Phil Baroni's One FC Blog, Part 2

Aug 29, 2011
Before Yoshiyuki Yoshida, Phil Baroni must battle air travel. | Photo: Dave Mandel

Popular welterweight puncher Phil Baroni ( will blog his experiences leading up to his One FC fight with Yoshiyuki Yoshida for readers. One FC "Champion vs. Champion" streams live on on Sept. 3, live from Kallang, Singapore.

I am so, so busy getting s--- done before I leave for Thailand, where I'll be training at Tiger Muay Thai before I head to Singapore. Back at AKA, I sparred real hard today, since it was my my last all out sparring session. I did pretty good, as I stopped two guys in three rounds of sparring.

Let me let you in on a little secret: I'm ready and Yoshida's in big f------ trouble.

I have never had to catch a flight to Las Vegas right after I finished sparring, though. What a pain in the ass. I usually stroll in to the gym fashionably late, take my time to get ready, take a s---, put my gear and go last in the cage sparring. Today, I had to go first and it was a pain in the ass.

I planned on getting up early and getting there first, but as usual, I was up late, so it sucked. I'm a busy man, with s--- to do. I don't watch TV, but I'm always up late on my computer, emailing and surfing. I didn't even have time for my coffee this morning. It's a bitch, but fortunately, it didn't matter, because I kicked ass today. I was on point and stopped guys in the cage, simple as that.

I was in such a rush after sparring, I ended up showering without soap. After I realized, I just went out to the sinks naked, and lathered up with the pink hand soap.

I made time leaving the gym, so I took my time driving to the airport. I even had time for a quick coffee. But for the first time in history, the San Jose airport was crowded. Why now? What the f---? Come on, man.

I tipped the guy curbside and dropped my bags. I ran to the terminal. When I got to security, I ended up beside a fat smelly couple, and another couple with a bunch of annoying kids, climbing up and down over the ropes and going crazy.

I just wanted to punch the father. Hey buddy, discipline your kids. I know you've got a few bucks, because your wife is pretty cute, especially after three brats, and you're an ugly little dude.

I finally got through security, and of course, my gate was the furthest from security check. No worries; it gave me an excuse to get a jog in.

When I got to my Southwest gate, I looked around the chairs. No stinky couple, no dude with three kids. Things are looking up. I get on the plane, and ha, it's my lucky day. One hot woman with a seat open right next to her. You know where I was sitting.

So, I take the middle seat, and the guy on the end -- a real wannabe tough guy -- stands up. Of course, it's her boyfriend. Ha, don't even want your old lady sitting next to the NYBA?

The flight itself was uneventful. I tried to sleep, and got a few winks in, but nothing deep. I told the other dude next to me to stop fighting me for the arm rest. He had shaved his arms, and he kept scratching me with his prickly forearms while I was trying to sleep.

As I was writing this blog, one of the world's flight attendants -- I wouldn't call her a stewardess, I save that for the hot, young chicks they hire on Singapore Airlines -- kept busting my balls about using my laptop. The things I go through for you guys.

I got off the plane in the same familiar Las Vegas airport. Somehow, I never noticed there was slot machines in there before. Seriously.

I made my way to Dr. Randall Yee's sports medicine office to get taken care of. I had a great visit, and he got me feeling great. Even after a hard camp, I know I should feel as good as new in a few days.

Next up was the Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute of Las Vegas with Dr. Randa Bascharon. I got in a session in the hypobaric chamber to help with my overall recovery. After that, she evaluated me. No surprises; I'm fit to fight.

After my snooze in the chamber, I went to M Resort, Spa and Casino to visit my old man, and say hi to him and his buddies. My father is the best handicapper in the city, and the M has the best sportsbook. It's where all the big betters go. My old man has his own little spot, so we got to hang out and relax.

I'm back at the Las Vegas airport, getting ready to cross the Pacific. On my way back, it was pretty quiet for Vegas. Security was easy, and I just walked right onto my flight.

Until Thailand, it's your friendly neighborhood bad ass signing off. Word to your mother!


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