Phil Davis Gets His Own Day

By Staff Mar 11, 2011
Phil Davis, on “The Savage Dog Show,” discussing “Phil Davis Day,” which was Jan. 23 in Dauphin County, Pa.:

“It’s always bizarre having your own Day, let me tell you that. It’s just like, how do you prepare for that? No one I’ve personally known has ever had a Day. It’s kind of fun. It’s cool, though. The weirdest part about it is that not that long ago, me and my buddies in college would get together and order the fights and all put in like five or 10 bucks. We would watch the UFC fights and [they’d say], ‘Phil, you should do this.’ I was like, ‘Absolutely not. I will definitely not be involved in this stuff.’ And here I am, only two years later. It’s crazy. It’s absolutely nuts to me.”
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