Pierce Calls Okami Freakishly Strong

By Sherdog.com Staff Aug 9, 2011
Mike Pierce, on “Beatdown,” discussing how Yushin Okami (Pictured) has looked in training:

“He’s got some real freakish strength about him. He’s tough. He gets in there and moves around. He was even taking Chael [Sonnen] down a couple of times in sparring, which kind of opened my eyes because I’ve wrestled with Chael for a long time. We both went to the same wrestling club. I’ve known him since I was an eighth grader, and to see Yushin take him down, it was kind of impressive. I was like, ‘Man, this guy’s pretty tough.’ I’m excited to see his fight against Anderson [Silva]. I think he’s going to do real well. … I think that’s going to be a battle. Yushin’s a gamer when it comes to fighting inside the cage. Whatever he’s showing already in the sparring and everything probably isn’t half of what he’s going to turn on once he’s in there and actually in the fight.”
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