Pierson Reveals the Roots of the ‘Pimp Daddy’

By Sherdog.com Staff Jan 14, 2011
Sean Pierson, on “The Jordan Breen Show,” explaining how his “Pimp Daddy” persona started when he fought in IFC events where other competitors had team T-shirts.

“There’s all these guys that have these shirts. Me and my friends -- I didn’t even have a cornerman really back then. We just had our friends, and they’re like, ‘Sean, we don’t have shirts.’ And I’m like, ‘OK, well, what do we want to do?’ We went to the mall, one of the Montreal malls and we went into Le Chateau, which I’ve never shopped at in my life, and they’re like, ‘Sean, let’s get the ugliest shirts possible and we’re all going to wear the ugly shirts.’ So we went through and found this blue hideous shirt. We all got them. There were six of us; we’re all wearing this shirt.

“As we’re walking out, we pass one of those little booths in the middle of the mall and they have these hats. Everybody got a black, sort of like, what is it? A kangol-type hat? And then there was this silver, furry hat. I’m like, ‘OK, I’m wearing that one right there.’ Because again, I grew up watching wrestling. I remember Buff Bagwell used to wear a hat with his picture on the top of it and I used to think it was hilarious. I’m like, ‘I want that hat right there.’ That’s when everything started. It wasn’t meant to be the ‘Pimp Daddy.’”
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