Podcast: Javier Vazquez, Nick Denis

By Sherdog.com Staff Dec 16, 2012
Jack Encarnacao was back Sunday for another edition of the Sherdog Radio Network "Rewind."

First, in Pro Perspective, MMA veteran Javier Vazquez curates key fights from back-to-back UFC events this weekend in Australia and Las Vegas. Vazquez and Encarnacao explore the finer points of striking rhythm and how it played into some of the more jarring TKOs of the weekend, and look at the combination of strength, technique and instinct behind several highlight reel moments.

Then, in the Sunday Sitdown, UFC bantamweight Nick Denis discusses the reaction to his headline-grabbing decision to retire, citing his research into the effects of sub-concussive head trauma. Denis, a budding biochemist, unpacks his decision in detail, and what he's found about why fighters really fight. Listen to the show here
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