Quick Quote: Rogers’ Coach Unhappy with Overeem

By Sherdog.com Staff May 18, 2010

Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Mike Reilly, Brett Rogers’ coach, was disappointed with Alistair Overeem’s effort in building up their Strikeforce “Heavy Artillery” main event. During a Beatdown After the Bell interview Saturday shortly after the fight, Reilly compared Overeem’s prefight promotion to Rogers:

“(Rogers) comes out here to St. Louis and he carries the show. Overeem won’t do an interview. Our greatest disappointment was that we really love Strikeforce and we really love what this organization has brought to the table and what they’ve done for the sport, and personally I don’t think Alistair Overeem has ever shown this organization any respect whatsoever. That’s one of the tragedies is that he gets to carry their belt. He won’t do interviews. He won’t do anything. We come on and we really carry the promotion side of it, and we did with the Fedor fight too. We go around and do all of the personal appearances. We do the lion’s share of the interviews, the lion’s share of all the promotional work. Part of it, you want to say, ‘Well, maybe that’s a distraction? That actually kind of ends up hurting us.’ But again, that should be part of the job. I would wish that other fighters would be more willing to do more of that and willing to step up and help promote the show as much as Brett does. And respect the promotion and the sponsors and the organization as much as we do, but that’s neither here nor there. The end result is that you still gotta win.”

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