Ray Longo Believes Chris Weidman Has Mental Edge in Rematch Against Anderson Silva

By Sherdog.com Staff Aug 13, 2013

Ray Longo, on “Beatdown,” discussing why he believes Chris Weidman will have the mental edge when he rematches Anderson Silva on Dec. 28 at UFC 168:

“[Silva’s] going to fight a more confident guy who now knows. It’s like you get in a streetfight, you knock the crap out of the guy, you knock him out, that guy gets up and he says, ‘I want to fight you again.’ ‘All right, let’s go.’

“Somebody compared it to Matt [Serra] and [Georges] St. Pierre. St. Pierre had the option of taking Matt down and holding him there so he didn’t have to stand up with him. Chris has options. He’s got more ways to win the fight. He’s proven it, and I think they’ve got a big task ahead of them.

“Chris is psyched for the rematch. I’m psyched for the rematch. He wants to go back in there, and because of all these discussions, he wants to prove more that it wasn’t a fluke. To know this kid in the gym, believe me, this is a major problem for Anderson Silva. That’s all I can say.”

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