Red Ink: Diaz/Zaromskis

By Jake Rossen Jan 29, 2010

D. Herbertson/

Nick Diaz might have a night stand brimming with books on geometry, military warfare, and psychological intimidation. (All these things might also idle near a bong, but this isn’t relevant.) His strikes come from odd angles, stretched further than you’d think he could reach, and slap into heads with insulting sting. One or two are tolerable: 125, the amount of punches Diaz landed in the second round against Scott Smith last June, are enough to ruin your evening. He will scowl, stick his chin out, and dare you to do something about it.

Marius Zaromskis is the kind of guy that dares. A Lithuanian by way of Japan, Zaromskis settles in to generate power from the ground up. He launches kicks with a proficiency that should worry his podiatrist. He’s not afraid to climb into the pocket or do something unorthodox to get his way. This is the kind of fight you’ll want to show friends.

Might Look Like: Diaz’ bout with Takanori Gomi, a wild bar scene of a first round followed by Diaz using a deep well of conditioning and submission savvy to take Zaromskis out in the second.

Third Party Investor: The winner of Jay Hieron/Joe Riggs, who would be in front of the line for the 170-pound title.

X Factor: Zaromskis’ ability to scramble back to his feet in the event Diaz attempts to drown him.

Who Wins: It’s impossible to root against Zaromskis’ ingenuity, but Diaz has proven more at this point: Diaz by submission.
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