Ricardo Liborio: Nick Newell Belongs in the UFC

By Sherdog.com Staff Jun 17, 2013
Nick Newell

American Top Team coach Ricardo Liborio, on “Cheap Seats,” discussing Nick Newell’s ability:

“It is mind-blowing. If you talk to this kid and you see the amount of confidence that he has in himself and the way he’s doing it, he knows that it is not just about winning for him. For him it is a mission to prove not just everybody wrong but to prove and to support the idea that there are a lot of guys, amputees, there’s a lot of guys that are actually normal, that can reach that type of mentality, that can reach that type of mindset. Nick Newell is a huge example for everybody, not just because of his congenital problem but now mainly because of his mindset. This kid can go far. I don’t know how far he goes, but I’ll tell you this, this kid belongs fighting in the UFC. At one point he’s going to prove to everybody that he belongs to try to get to the UFC. … There’s still a lot of barriers to break, but I think this is the guy that has to break those barriers. … I’ll tell you this. I’ve been seeing this kid train a lot and he’s ready. He’s ready. … Give him a little more time to train even more, to learn even more, to bring more tools to the table and this kid is going to be shocking the world.”

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