SRN Rewind: Keith Kizer

By Jack Encarnacao Apr 15, 2012
MMA fans tend to consider the actions of Nevada Athletic Commission boss Keith Kizer in a vacuum.

Each sanctioning matter, each judgment call, is picked apart and analyzed to its core. Head of the most important commission in the country, Kizer may be one of the most scrutinized figures in MMA.

Which is interesting when one considers where he comes from and the limits to the power he actually holds.

The NAC returns to the spotlight April 24, when Alistair Overeem pleads his defense to an alleged flunked steroid test in an effort to preserve one of the biggest heavyweight title fights in UFC history.

As the exacting scrutiny resumes, a sober, detailed look at what Kizer can and can't do, how the commission is run, and myriad factors in play, is very much in order.

This Sunday night, Kizer joins the Jack Encarnacao on the Sherdog Radio Network "Rewind" to cover this ground and much, much more in an hour-plus "Sunday Sitdown" interview.

Better know MMA. Catch The Rewind, Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on the SRN.

Listen to a preview of Sunday's "Rewind"


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