SRN Rewind Teaser: Gary Goodridge

By Jack Encarnacao Feb 8, 2013

In an interview after losing the final fight on his UFC contract and his third straight, Quinton Jackson had one fighter's name on the tip of his tounge when asked what was next.

"I might just be one of those fighters that come in and excite the crowd -- be like Gary Goodridge," Jackson told Fuel TV. "One of those guys who just comes out and puts on a great show. Gary Goodridge is a great ambassador for the sport and he taught me a long time ago that it's all about the show."

Jackson likely didn't know the full picture of what he was evoking. He remembered the "Big Daddy" billed as Pride's heavyweight gatekeeper, a punch-from-your-hips tough who took any fight if the money and opportunity was right. Today, Goodridge says he suffers from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a condition that stems from repetitive head trauma and robs one of anger control and short-term memory.

He paid a heavy price, is honest with himself about risk versus reward, and thinks he knows where the mercurial Jackson is coming from.

Sunday on the Sherdog Radio Network "Rewind," Goodridge joins Jack Encarnacao in the Sunday Sitdown to chart his journey from nerd to arm wrestler to fighter to symbol of the risks inherent in prize fighting, and what it's like to still be evoked for that sacrifice.

Better know MMA. Catch the Rewind, Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on the Sherdog Radio Network.

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