SRN Rewind Teaser: Herb Dean

By Jack Encarnacao Nov 4, 2012
MMA refereeing fixture Herb Dean has been praised and maligned for his split-second judgment calls. Sometimes, the very same call has elicited the two reactions. At first, he was booed vociferously for stepping in at UFC 48 after Frank Mir snapped Tim Sylvia's arm in a heavyweight title fight. The replay showed why, and he was praised.

Such is the life of the modern MMA referee, and Dean has waded through it. This Sunday on the Sherdog Radio Network "Rewind," Dean joins host Jack Encarnacao in the Sunday Sitdown to discuss the calls that, if made a second too early, ruin a fight, and if made a second too late, put a fighter at risk.

For over an hour, Dean discusses the finer points of every aspect of refereeing an MMA fight, from groin shots to eye pokes to point deductions to greasing to self-defense. He also discusses his brushes with MMA fighting and what he does when a loopy fighter shoots on him, thinking it's his opponent. This is a definitive discussion, and a handy guide for fans who seek to know where high-level referees are coming from when they intervene in the action.

Better know MMA. Catch the Rewind, Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET on the SRN.

Follow Jack and the show @SherdogRewind.

Listen to a preview of Sunday's "Rewind"

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