SRN Rewind Teaser: Joey Odessa

By Jack Encarnacao Sep 30, 2012
As a general rule, mixed martial arts fans love a good show, love the spectacle of two stars battling with guts in pursuit of glory. Sit back and enjoy. But there's a deeper level of engagement that often rears its head. It's manifested in fans who decry a fighter's in-cage performance, question why the fighter didn't do something they see as an obvious way to win a fight, demonstrate what they call "low fight IQ."

When it gets to this point, when fans seem genuinely angry about a fighter's performance instead of simply enjoying the show, chances are that fan not coming from an objective place. They probably have money on the fight. The obsessive MMA fan is often wagering on who will win.

Betting on MMA has evolved as the sport has, and Joey Oddessa has been the vanguard. The "Oddessa Line" is the guidepost for anyone setting odds on MMA fights. The former wrestler set odds for UFC 1 at a strip club in New York, back when everyone seemed to think Telia Tuli was a shoe-in to take the tournament due simply to his size.

In addition to insight into the fights, Oddessa has also gained insight into the psychology of MMA gamblers and the factors that affect their sense of who is going to win. Sunday night on the Sherdog Radio Network "Rewind," Oddessa joins Jack Encarnacao on The Sunday Sitdown to riff on all he's learned being in the middle of the action.

Better know MMA. Catch The Rewind, Sunday at 9 pm ET on the Sherdog Radio Network.

Listen to a preview of Sunday's "Rewind"

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