Scoring Bug Strikes Again

By Jason Probst Apr 12, 2011

Gegard Mousasi (above) lost a point in the first round against Keith Jardine. |

After Gegard Mousasi lost a point in the first round for an upkick to the face, I immediately got a bad feeling in my stomach. This was the kind of thing that could force a draw, especially if Keith Jardine won the first round.

However, despite hitting four of five takedowns in the stanza, Jardine was unable to do squat with Mousasi, as he took zero damage and, for the most part, popped up with relative ease. He also landed several punches in the round and dominated the second and third.

Naturally, the bout was a draw. Two judges gave Jardine the first round, which is not scandalous, even if it is a little off. What is definitely weird is that a third judge gave Jardine the second round, even though, according to Fightmetric, he was clearly outworked on the feet and did virtually no damage on the ground.

It was a game showing by Jardine, but judges need to stop scoring takedowns that do not result in damage or positional control.

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