Sherk Still Feels Pinch from Steroid Allegations

By Jake Rossen Sep 10, 2009
Two years removed from allegations he used chemical compounds to aid in a win over Hermes Franca, Sean Sherk is growing very, very weary of explaining himself.

“There’s still people yelling obscenities when I walk out for my fights,” he told’s Loretta Hunt. “That’s why I wear headphones.”

The wound was dug into last week when Sherk failed to report for a California Commission-appointed drug test in anticipation of an October 24 fight with Gleison Tibau. When Sherk injured his shoulder and couldn’t fight, manager Monte Cox failed to see the need for the urine sample. So Sherk didn’t show up.

If you’re Sherk -- or Sherk's management -- and you have a career marinating in doubts over your natural athletic performance, don’t you recognize the value in maybe biting the bullet and taking a commission test even if you’re not fighting? Yes, the flight from Minnesota to Los Angeles will be a few bucks. (Unless the Commission or UFC can foot the bill.) But if the point of the test is to smother concerns over your supplement preferences, why not just do it and avoid tipping over a Porta-Potty’s worth of suspicion?
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