Sherwood’s Small Show Gold: The Best of Don Frye

By Jeff Sherwood Sep 16, 2010
In the second edition of Sherwood’s “Small Show Gold,” we take a look at Shark Fights 13.

If the lineup was not enough for your $30, you also got pure gold from Bas Rutten, Don Frye and Ron Kruck. For me, the fights quickly turned into secondary entertainment as I began to take note of Frye’s incredible comments. I know his commentary is not for everyone and some uptight people are complaining on the forums, but I thought he was marvelous.

Frye basically ran his own disclaimer stating that he was in Texas, so he could say what he wanted. Try to have a sense of humor and go to your closet to get your button-down American Flag shirt and your cowboy hat to enjoy some of the priceless material that flowed out of The Predator’s mouth.

The Best of Don Frye:

“That was like prison sex; hard, sweaty, violent and there was a lot of noise.”

“He'll knock his liver out his ass!”

“Judging is like a couple of whores fighting over a dollar.”

“I scratched my back and a puppy fell out.”

“Get out your wallets you cheap bastards, and give them some money.”

“Look at me, I'm a wrestler. My balls are so big; I wear the excess on my hat.”

“Expect fur to fly.”

“I'll take the white guy in the red shorts.”

“If I were Rees, I would go to Bradley’s hometown and rob a bank.”

“I didn't know France was ever in a fight. I heard Italy just declared war on Spain, and France surrendered.”

“He's still a little wobbly on his feet, you know? Either that or he's got good rhythm.”

“He's so awkward. He's like a rabid octopus. He looks like he's about to fall over at any time.”

* * *

I felt between the good fights and commentary I definitely got my $30 worth. How about you?
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