Showtime Sports Boss: Gina Carano Will Probably Always Have Itch to Return

By Staff Jun 28, 2012

Showtime Sports head Stephen Espinoza, on “Rewind,” discussing Gina Carano, whom he used to represent:

“I know probably as long as she lives, there’s probably going to be that itch to get back in the ring. I know anyone who knows her or has talked to her knows that she was very committed to fighting, that she actually loved training. … She’s just a fighter at heart, and when you’re a fighter at heart, no matter how successful you are as an actress or a broadcaster or anything else, there’s always that itch. I would never foreclose the possibility of [Carano fighting again] simply because I know there’s a little part of her -- and maybe not so little -- that’s always going to want to get back. I know she feels that itch every time there’s a big fight. Having said that, there are certain realities in terms of how long you can be away from the cage before you go back and be competitive at the highest level. I’m not sure how much of a possibility it is. In the long run, I know that it’s something that still keeps her awake at night, wondering if there’s a way to make it still happen.”


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