Simpson: Not Just Anyone Can Outwrestle Anderson Silva

By Staff Oct 11, 2011
Aaron Simpson, on “Beatdown,” discussing the idea that anyone who tries to wrestle and control Anderson Silva could be able to pull it off:

“I think it’s ridiculous. You’ve got to have a background like Chael Sonnen to do what Chael Sonnen did. Wrestling just doesn’t come to you in a couple of years. Guys like Josh Koscheck have that, guys like Chael have that … . I started wrestling when I was 4 years old and I’m 37 now. I’ve got 33 years of wrestling. I haven’t competed the last several years in wrestling, but I still wrestle. I’m still around the sport. I still have developed [from] years and years of going to camps and spending my summers at training camps and going up to the Olympic Training Center and wrestling and being in a college environment where we have three-hour practices -- the most grueling practices ever. Once you go through that stuff and that’s in your back pocket -- you can’t make up for it any other way. For someone to think … that’s the type of style they can [beat Silva with], they better have that background. They better have put the time in to think they can go in there and do that.”
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