Soares Predicts Dos Santos Will KO Cain Velasquez

By Staff Nov 8, 2010
Ed Soares, the manager for Junior dos Santos, discussing a matchup between JDS and Cain Velasquez during a recent interview on “The Savage Dog Show”:

“That is going to be an incredible fight. To me, that is truly the best two heavyweights right now in the world fighting each other. I also think that there’s a few heavyweights out there -- I think Alistair [Overeem] is probably up in that mix because Alistair’s a great fighter. Of course you can never discredit Fedor. Granted, he got caught in a submission, but I’m just saying in the UFC right now, and I believe in the world, [JDS and Velasquez] are the two best heavyweights that are going to fight. … I’m thinking if anything, dos Santos is going to probably knock him out. If the fight finishes, if it doesn’t go to a decision, he’s going to knock him out. I think that’s his strongest [way to finish]. A TKO or a KO. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy task because Cain is super tough. He’s a complete fighter. Dos Santos is a very complete fighter. It’s just going to be who’s better prepared and who’s going to be able to execute the best strategy. I think that’s who’s going to win that fight.”
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