‘Sonnen Has No Principles or Character,’ Minotoro Says

By Marcelo Alonso Jul 16, 2011
Chael Sonnen (Pictured) has made plenty of enemies among the high-profile Brazilians who populate the MMA landscape, including world-ranked light heavyweight Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. In a recent interview with Sherdog.com, “Minotoro” had some choice words for Sonnen, a man against whom he would welcome the opportunity to compete:

“It sure would be a great fight [between us]. He’s a guy everybody wants to beat. He’s not a good example for the sport. He talks too much and says a lot of nonsense. He has a problem with Brazilians; he discriminates against us. He could find a way to promote a fight without speaking ill of anyone. I think it’s a tactic he tries to use to destabilize Anderson [Silva] or whoever he faces, but he has to know that’s not the way things work. In martial arts, we learn to respect each other. I’ll never speak ill of another fighter. Sonnen disrespects others and has no principles or character. He’s a guy that every professional fighter, at least on my team, wants to face.”
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